Venezuela: Flag                                               



  • The Venezuelan independence leader Francisco de Miranda designed the basic tricolor flag in 1806. It was officially adopted in 1811. The flag was said to have been inspired by a late-night party conversation with Johann Wolfgang von Goethe in 1785. Goethe told Miranda,


“Your destiny is to create in your land a place where primary colors are not distorted. […] Yellow is the most warm, noble and closest to light [...]. Blue is that mix of excitement and serenity […]. Red is the exaltation of yellow and blue, the synthesis, the vanishing of light into shadow.”  

  • Miranda’s Venezuelan flag was the inspiration for the flags of Colombia (left) and Ecuador (right).

  • During the first half of the 19th century, seven stars were added to the flag to represent the seven signatories (provinces) to the Venezuelan declaration of independence.

  • In 1954, the coat of arms was added to the flag on the top left corner.