Chile: Flag                                                              

  • Adopted in 1817, the Chilean flag is called La Estrella Solitaria (the lone star).


  • The white five-pointed star in the center represents a guide to progress and honor.


  •  Blue symbolizes the sky and the Pacific Ocean.


  •  White is for the snow-covered Andes Mountains.


  •  Red stands for the blood spilled to achieve independence.


  • According to the epic poem La Araucana, the colors were derived from the flag flown by the Mapuche during the Arauco War (circa 1536) with the colonial Spaniards.


  • Flag Day is held every year on July 9th to commemorate the 77 soldiers who died in the 1882 Battle of La Concepción. (See history section for more.)


  • The design is said to have been influenced by the US flag.