Canada: Flag                                                                   

  • The maple leaf flag (above) became the national flag of Canada on February 15th (now Canadian National Flag Day) 1965. Red and white are the official colors of Canada and the maple leaf has long been a Canadian emblem.
  • The maple leaf flag replaced the Canadian Red Ensign flag featuring the Union Flag in the canton, with the shield of the Coat of Arms of Canada (image). The Red Ensign was used as early as 1868 on an informal basis. From 1892, it became the official flag for use on Canadian merchant ships, though the official national flag on land was the Union Flag. The original Canadian Red Ensign had the arms of the four original provinces on its shield. In 1921, the Government of Canada asked King George V to order a new coat of arms for Canada (image). The Canadian Red Ensign continues to be flown by many Canadians, especially nationalist monarchists, other traditionalists, and those who cherish Canada's British heritage.