Oman: Flag & National Symbols                              


  • The flag of Oman was officially adopted on April 25, 1995.


  •  The colors of the flag are symbolic. The bottom green stripe represents fertility and the mountains. The top white stripe represents peace and prosperity. The left-hand side and center stripe in red symbolize the battles fought against foreign invaders.


  •  The national emblem, a khanjar dagger, is displayed in the upper-left side. The curved dagger is fastened over a pair of crossed swords.

National Symbols

World Heritage Sites

For its size, Oman boasts an unprecedented number of UNESCO-classified World Heritage Sites including Bat—with tombs dating back 3,000 years, the Fort of Bahla (photo), and the fascinating Frankincense Route which begins in Dhofar and passes through Al-Blaid, the site of the ancient city of Zafar, Khawr Rawri, Shisr and Wadi Dukah.