Russia: Entertainment & Leisure                               

  • Many Russians love sports. Ice palaces, swimming pools, boxing arenas and stadiums are filled for the country's championships and world cups.

  • Popular sports include soccer, hockey, tennis, basketball and formula one racing. Other sports widely played in Russia include weightlifting, gymnastics, boxing, wrestling, martial arts, volleyball and skiing.


The Russian soccer team was the first European champion in the history of the game since 1960. They were also three-time finalists and Olympic champions. Although these achievements happened in the past, the soccer tradition is still alive. The best Russian teams are often considered Spartak, Lokomotiv and CSKA.


Hockey has a long tradition in Russia and the Russians hold more titles in hockey than in soccer. The famous matches with the Canadians in the1960s and 1970s brought Russia to the top of the hockey pedestal.


Tennis became popular in the beginning of the 1990s when the first president of the Russian Federation, Boris Yeltsin, started playing tennis. His love for this sport passed to the people and, since then, Russians have been playing tennis on a consistent basis.


Andrei Kirilenko is a Russian player who played forward for the Utah Jazz.

Formula One Racing

There is a saying in Russia about formula one racing... "What Russian doesn't like speed racing?" But you know there is another popular saying... "In Russia there are two kinds of disasters... fools and roads." Formula one racing attracts millions of Russian viewers. Many children idolize formula one champion, Michael Schumacher Sergey Zlobin.