South Korea: Entertainment & Leisure                  

  • Popular sports in South Korea are soccer, volleyball, baseball and basketball.
  • Music, dance, traditional games (listed below) and festivals are popular in South Korea.


Gonggi is played by children with 5 stones or plastic balls on a flat surface.


Gonu a game played with pebbles on a piece of paper with forms drawn out. The objective is to move the pebbles in such a way that the opponent is blocked.


Jegichag is similar to a game of hacky sack.


Juldarigi consists of large rice-straw ropes that are used to play tug-of-war between the west and the east sides of a village.

Kite Flying               

Kite flying is a traditional pass-time. Kites are often made of bamboo and paper. This winter game and is popular with children. After New Year’s Day, there is a traditional of cutting kite strings to let them fly away.


Neolttwigi is a standing see-saw where participants actually jump into the air when on the high end.

Rolling Hoop          

Rolling hoop was traditionally played with an iron hoop or a wagon wheel.


Ssireum is not unlike Japanese sumo wrestling. It is played in a ring of sand.

Top Spinning          

Top spinning is popular with children. The tops can be made to spin on the ground or on ice.


Tuho is a game where arrows are thrown at a jar. The game was historically played by the upper classes and royal families.


Yutnori is often played on the first day of the new year. This board and dice game is played between two people.