Qatar: Education                                          


The beginnings of education in Qatar were in the first half of the 20th century when boys and girls were taught in the traditional katateeb schools. They were taught many subjects but without a formal system. Since those early days, education in Qatar has developed significantly. Qatar follows a policy of compulsory and continuous education where all citizens receive free schooling providing equal opportunities to all.

Basic Education

Qatar follows a policy of compulsory and free education to all citizens. Basic education consists of the following stages:

  • Elementary Stage        Six years
  • Preparatory Stage       Three Years
  • Secondary Stage         Three Years

Government schools provide free education for the children of non-Qatari residents who work for the public sector. Qatar also has private schools as well as schools for the different Arab communities (eg. Lebanese, Jordanian, and Sudanese). There are also schools for non-Arab communities such as Indian and USA expatriate groups.


Language Teaching

In Qatari schools and colleges, all subjects are taught in the Arabic language. Starting in elementary school, English is taught as a foreign language and is used often in Qatar.

Higher Education

University education in Qatar started in 1973 when two colleges, one for male and one for female students, were established. A large number of Qataris, particularly male students, attend universities outside of Qatar—especially in the USA and UK. The Ministry of Education and Culture grants a large number of scholarships to enable these students to study abroad.