Singapore: Dress                                           

Singapore does not have a national costume but its three main ethnic groups (Chinese, Malay and Indian) each have their own traditional styles of dress that are used on certain occasions.


The elegant cheongsam (photo to right) or qipao as it is known in Mandarin is often worn by Chinese women in Singapore on their wedding day or during Chinese New Year celebrations. 


The traditional costume for Malay men in Singapore is the baju melayu which is a loose shirt, trousers and a sarong around the waist called a sampin (photo to left). For Malay women the traditional dress is called a baju kurung (photo below).



For Indian women the sari (photo to right) is the traditional dress for a wedding and can also be used for daywear. A sari is an unstitched length of cloth that is wrapped around the body and decorated with embroidery. There are many ways to drape the sari but in Singapore the most common style is called nivi, this is a style where the cloth is wrapped around the waist then tucked in, with a section of sari hanging left hanging over the shoulder. 



Singapore Airlines

Foreigners often associate the Singapore Airlines uniform (photo) as the dress of Singapore.




Orchid Prints

At times, you will see government ministers wearing shirts with orchid flower prints (photo). 


Tan Kin Lian is a Singaporean businessman and social activist, and former Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of NTUC Income.