Poland: Did you know?                                        

Did you know that…  

Rzeczpospolita Polska means the “Republic of Poland” in Polish?  

…as of 1999, 7-year old Poles started primary school in a new system (image below)?  

  • Primary School lasts six years and is split in two.

    • For the first 3 years, children learn: writing, reading, mathematics and basic technical and social skills.

    • For the following 3 years, children learn subjects such as: nature (instead of biology and geography), history, science and art.

  • After the 6 years, all children are tested to determine their knowledge and skills. The test does serve not to classify children but to forecast further educational needs.

  • After primary school, 13-years olds enter Junior High School to learn traditional subjects such as: mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology and geography.

  • The aim of junior high school is to develop students' capacity to think independently and to shape their interests and abilities.

  • Junior high school ends with a pre-orientation test that aims to help students to decide where to continue their education.