Argentina: Did you know?                                             

  • Argentina is a world leader in setting voluntary greenhouse gas targets.

  • Argentina continues to assert its claims to the UK-administered Falkland Islands (aka Islas Malvinas).

  • Today, Argentina's indigenous population totals about 403,000 (0.9 % of total population).

    • Indigenous nations include the Toba, Wichí, Mocoví, Pilagá, Chulupí, Diaguita-Calchaquí, Kolla, Guaraní (Tupí Guaraní and Avá Guaraní in the provinces of Jujuy and Salta, and Mbyá Guaraní in the province of Misiones), Chorote (Iyo'wujwa Chorote and Iyojwa'ja Chorote), Chané, Tapieté, Mapuche (probably the largest indigenous nation in Argentina) and Tehuelche. The Selknam (Ona) people are now virtually extinct.

    • The languages of the Diaguita, Tehuelche, and Selknam nations are now virtually extinct. The Tehuelche language (Southern Tehuelche) is still spoken by a small handful of elderly people.