Australia: Did You Know?                                                  

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Did you know?

  • The largest lake, Eyre (3,600 square miles), is usually dry.

  • Australia is roughly the size of the United States.

  • Australia is one of the least populated countries, averaging only 5 people per square mile.

  • There are 10 times as many sheep as there are people.

  • There are 34 beaches in Sydney alone, and the local government registers surfboards just as it does cars.

  • Australia is in the Southern Hemisphere. That means Winter is in July and Christmas is in the middle of the summer!

  • Popular sports in Australia are sailing, surfing, lawn bowling, cricket (photo), horse racing, tennis, and soccer.


The continent of Australia is…

  • …the only nation that is a continent.

  • …the smallest continent.

  • …the flattest continent.

  • …the driest continent (except for Antarctica).

  Australia is home to…

  • …the oldest known fragments of the earth’s crust which are 4.3 billion years old.

  • …almost all of the world’s opals.

  • …over 366,000 Aborigines.