Canada: Did you know?                                                         

 Did you know…

 …that the Monarch of England is also the Monarch of Canada?  

…that the Governor General represents the Queen of England in Canada? She/he lives in Ottawa, Ontario and opens and is a Canadian.  
…that Canada shares the longest unfortified border in the world with the US?

…that there is no one dollar bill in Canada? There is a one-dollar coin that is called a loonie because there is a loon (like a goose) engraved on the coin. The two-dollar coin is called a toonie!  

…that Canadians of Asian ancestry comprise the largest visible minority group in Canada at 11% of the Canadian population? Asian Canadians are the fastest growing ethnic minority in Canada. Most Asian Canadians are concentrated in the urban areas of southern Ontario, the Greater Vancouver area, Montréal and other large cities. 

…that Nunavut (see map below) was the last territory to be created in 1999? It is an area that belongs to the Inuits (or native Nordic people of Canada). The coat of arms (right) was designed in collaboration with Inuit elders, leaders, artists, groups and the general population of the territory. The caribou and narwhal represent sustenance and the natural resources of the land and sea. They stand on Arctic poppies, dwarf fireweed and Arctic heather, alongside an iceberg at sea. The motto, written in Inuktitut syllabary, is “Our Land, Our Strength.”