Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I get my login name/password? 

Access to IRMA:

  1.  Click this link
  2.  Click “Reset Password” to go to the page to enter your email.
  3.  Then, enter your email and click “Reset Password.”
  4.  You will receive an email from (check spam for email)
  5.  Click on the link to create your password, and login with email/new password.

How soon can we begin accessing?

You can begin accessing IRMA immediately.

Does IRMA stand for something or is it just the system name?

IRMA stands for: Integrated Resource Management Application

Will our programs still be coming through email or just through the portal?

The DSC program confirmation will still come through email. The system that sends this email is directly linked to IRMA, so you are able to view that program immediately after you receive the confirmation.

Will all documents be emailed when I accept a program?

Yes, your DSC Program Confirmation will still be sent via email, and contains all of your program documents that are needed for the program.

I logged into IRMA, and I don’t see any open programs although I do have several. Am I doing something wrong?

Please be sure that you are using the same email address that is in your IRMA profile.  If you continue to experience this, please notify your DPM as soon as possible to resolve the issue.

Are you going to upload our programs in the system immediately?

Once you are logged into IRMA, you can view all open/closed programs dating back to 2014! Everything is already synced up.

If you are assigned for a 4 day program, how do you submit interim invoice?           

Interim Payment process will remain the same; however, in lieu of the current IOR Invoice, there will be an IOR Interim Invoice attached to your DSC Program Confirmation that you can email to your DPM if applicable. You will be notified once this document is fully implemented.

How will DPM’s notify us if a program is incomplete?

  1. If you try to close out a program and there are missing documents and/or discrepancies, your DPM will re-open the program for you in IRMA.
  2. You will receive an email notification and link from with the reason your DPM re-opened the program.
  3. Click on the link to make the necessary changes to your program, and re-submit for closure.

If we are working with a specific client who uses a unique form (i.e. apartment inventory) do we only submit their form, or do both versions need to be submitted?

Please only submit 1 version of any of the documents. A client or landlord document will supersede IOR’s documents.

In some One-Day Home-Finding programs, the client signs their lease on their own and will not send us a copy (DPM’s are always aware of this). Does the program need to be adjusted for this prior to submitting the final documents?

The key note in your question is that your DPM is aware, and they will give you further direction. You should continue to request the lease document from the assignee and offer a post-signature lease review (if permitted).

Are the inventory and lease agreement the only two documents that should always be included even though they have been sent to the DPM?

If home finding is authorized in your program, it is required that you upload the signed lease/signed inventory through IRMA when closing, along with your Final Status Report. This helps us see your final paperwork in one place. If you have difficulty obtaining these documents for any reason, please notify your DPM.

Will our past programs be uploaded to IRMA, and if so, can we upload final documents there?          

You are able to access your past programs, however at this time you cannot add additional documents to closed programs. If you need to add additional documents to a closed program, please send to your DPM.

If a program is cancelled, how do I close it in IRMA?

If a program is cancelled, your DPM will gauge whether you have delivered any program time and/or services. If you are eligible for reimbursement, your DPM will submit for payment on your behalf. This program will be cancelled internally and will no longer show in IRMA.

Does IRMA show me a list of Closed Programs and dates closed?

Yes, please click on “Closed Programs” on the main screen to view your closed programs. To see the date it was closed, select the program in question and click “view”. The date will show under “Payment Process Date.”

Is there a notification of when we get paid?

At this time, our bank does not send a notification for payment postings to your account. However, when viewing your closed program in IRMA, there will be a “Payment Process Date” listed. This is the date the Program was approved by your DPM. You will be paid the 15th of the month following this date.

I’m always asked if I had a cost saving(s) for clients; is there a place to put “cost savings” for our programs?            

When closing your program in IRMA you will have to fill out a brief survey which will capture this information, as well as other pertinent program information.