How to close a DS Program

How to Close a DS Program

When you are logged in and you are viewing all of your “open programs,” you can click view next to the program you’re wishing to close.

  1. Verify the program rate matches with what you were authorized for in your DSC Program Confirmation. If correct, please proceed with the following steps on each tab:
  2. Expenses Tab– This tab only applies if you have pre-approved expenses to submit.
  3. Supporting Documents Tab– Upload your document(s) by clicking “choose file” and then select the “type of document” in the drop down. Save and submit to IOR (do this for each document)
    • signed lease (if a home finding program)
    • signed inventory (if a home finding program)
    • any client documents/reports (i.e. RMC required docs)
    • final IOR status report
  4. Move over to Finish Program Tab.
    • Click on the blue START SURVEY button.  You will be taken to the program survey where you will enter your Program time spent (face-to-face and research time). You must complete this brief survey to successfully close the program.  When you have completed your survey, you will see a page that says, “End of Survey”.  Don’t click on anything, the page will disappear on its own.
    •  At this time, mark the box next to “I agree, my program is complete” and click on the blue SAVE AND SUBMIT TO IOR button. Your DPM will be then be notified.

Please contact your DPM if you have any questions.