Oman: Climate                                                         

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The climate in Oman differs from one area to another. It is hot and humid in the coastal areas in the summer, while it is hot and dry in the interior with the exception of the higher mountains—which enjoy a moderate climate throughout the year.

  • The Dhofar region in the south has a moderate climate and the pattern of rainfall is more predictable with heavy monsoon rains occurring regularly between May and September. The monsoon season can bring rainfall of between 100 and 400 millimeters. Dhofar maintains a fairly steady year-round temperature of around 30 to 350C.


  • Average temperatures in the north of Oman are 32 to 480C from May to September and 26 to 360C from October to April.


  • Rainfall is generally light and irregular—although heavy rains and thunderstorms can cause severe flooding.