Hong Kong: Climate                                                      

Climate                      Subtropical monsoon

                                  Cool and humid in winter

                                  Hot and rainy from spring through summer

                                  Warm and sunny in fall

Explore the world's climate zones here! Search for Hong Kong and discover where each zone listed above is located within the country.

Question                    What are monsoon rains?

Boys Playing Soccer in the Monsoon Rain 


Monsoon rains are a combination of heavy rain and wind that normally arrive during just one season of the year.


Terrain                       Hilly to mountainous with steep slopes

                                   Lowlands in north

                                   Composed of more than 200 islands


Concerns                    Occasional typhoons

                                   Air and water pollution from rapid urbanization


Question                     What are typhoons?


A typhoon is a tropical rainstorm that usually starts at sea. Though strong winds and heavy rainfall can often cause severe damage, the storms are also a significant source of water.