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Trainer Resources:

National Geographic KiDS 

World Geography Games (more general to the world/region)

South American Geography (more general to the world/region)



Young Adult

  • Eva Perón: First Lady of Argentina (Signature Lives: Modern World series) By:  Darlene R. Stille (2008)
  • Indios de las Pampas Argentinas (in Spanish) By:  Fernando Cordova (2005)

Age 9-12

  • Argentina (Countries Series) By:  Kate Conley (2003)

  • Argentina (South America Today Series) By:  Charles J. Sheilds (2009)

  • Arengtina (True Book Series) By:  Michael Burgan (1999)

  • Argentina: A Primary Source Cultural Guide By: Theodore Link (2004)

  • Argentina: A Question and Answer Book By: Mary Englar (2005)

  • Argentina: The Culture By: Greg Nickles (2000)

  • Argentina: The Land By: Greg Nickles (2000)

  • Argentina: The People By: Greg Nickles (2000)

  • Descubramos Argentina (in Spanish) By: Kathleen Pohl (2008)

  • A Primary Source Guide to Argentina (Countries of the World: a Primary Source Journey) By :  Leslie C. Kaplan (2005)

  • South America (True Books: Continents Series) By:  David Petersen (1999)

Ages 4-8

  • Argentina (Country Explorers Series) By:  Suzanne Paul Dell'Oro (2008)

  • Gauchada By: C. Drew Lamm (2002)

  • The Magic Bean Tree: A Legend from Argentina By:  Nancy Van Laan & Beatriz Vidal (1998)

  • Tierra del Fuego: A Journey to the End of Earth By:  Peter Lourie (2000)


  • Un dia en la playa/A Day at the Beach (Dora La Exploradora/ Dora the Explorer) By:  Lauryn Silverhardt (2007)