Argentina: Introduction to Spanish                        

Yes                                                      Si

No                                                       No

Please                                                 Por favor

Thank you                                           Gracias

Thank you very much                         Muchas gracias

Your welcome                                     De nada

Excuse me                                          Perdón/Con permiso

Just a second                                       Un momento

Okay                                                   Está Bien/Muy bien

Hello                                                   Hola

Goodbye                                              Adiós

Good morning                                      Buenos dias

Good afternoon                                   Buenas tardes

Good night/Good evening                   Buenas noches

Fact: Not so well known is the following major grammatical difference in Argentine Spanish (as well as a few other countries): Vos is used instead of the far more common as the second-person familiar pronoun. Although vos is heard elsewhere as an alternative to , in Argentina, it basically replaces in everyday speech among people of all classes and education levels.

Sir                                                      Señor

Madam                                               Señora

Miss                                                   Señorita

See you later                                      Hasta la vista

See you tomorrow                               Hasta mañana

Do you speak English?                      ¿Habla usted inglés?

I speak a little Spanish                      Hablo un poco español

Do you understand?                          ¿Comprende usted?

I understand                                       Yo comprendo

I don't understand                               No comprendo

What did you say?                              ¿Cómo?

How do you say__in Spanish?             ¿Cómo se dice__en español?

Where is the bathroom?                 ¿Dónde esta el baño?

Fact: Questions start with an upside down question mark. That way, you know a question is coming up before you read a sentence!